About young generation II

Ordinary man is not used to following his intuition,

nor is he encouraged to do so.

Since ancient times, young men have been entrusted to schools at a very early age to instill and keep alive in them the pathway to that precious ‘knowledge’ already lying deep within them. From the time of Socrates to modern day these schools have existed, if somewhat secretly, all over the world – fostering and conserving for posterity the most precious treasure known to man – his innate independence.

The world is as you dream it! 

I’m here just to tell you that everything is beautiful and the world is not so bad as they want us to believe – the world is as you dream it!  This is not a political or economic, financial or environmental crisis, but a crisis of values of quality of your own vision and ideas. An individual, an organization, a country fails if that individual organization or country is only concerned  with quantity or financial power.

An individual, an organization, or a country develops if that individual, organization, or country is concerned with raising the quality  and values of their people.
Every company or enterprise has to become a school of being – a school of responsibility.
You can possess only what you are responsible for.