A Lecture at the ESE

meeting with the ESE students, Florence

The World is as you dream it


This idea is the foundation of the European School of Economics, the revolutionary motto that everything around us, including visible reality, is the materialization of our dreams. It may sound philosophical and somewhat distant from the principles of a business school, but it inspires young people to raise their level of inner responsibility.


If you study the biographies of great entrepreneurs, or the lives of those few pioneers who were able to revolutionize the society they lived in with their inventions, you will discover that the only key to success was an impeccable faith in their dream. That is why the mission of a true School is to lead the individual to discover within himself what obstacles are preventing its manifestation. The European School of Economics is at the side of every student to give him the opportunity to realize his dream, this concept is able to redefine the boundaries of the world economy, because it places at the center of every effort, both in means and ends, the happiness of every man as his inalienable right.


Economics is the art of dreaming.


It is the ability to transform the impossible into the possible and finally into the inevitable. The cutting of the Suez Canal was considered an impossible undertaking, as was the design of the Eiffel Tower or the apparent folly of Columbus, who sought the East by sailing West. In more recent times, the elimination of apartheid and the liberation of India or the United States of America itself. And even Wilbur Wright’s biplane would never have lifted off the ground if man had not dreamt of flight. The first meters in the history of aviation and the roar of the engines of a supersonic jet will always be preceded by the myth of Icarus and the absurdity and laughable fragility of Leonardo’s flying machine.


Every event that appears in the life of a man or a society is the manifestation of a dream that filters through the psychology of that man and the consciousness of that society. That is why the ESE invites you to pay attention to yourself, because the smallest change in your being can move mountains in the world of events.


The motto of the European School of Economics ‘visibilia ex invisibilibus’ is a truth never before expressed in the world of economics, namely that the economic prosperity of an individual, a society or a nation is a reflection of what is invisible in an individual, an organization or a community. Prosperity comes from within and is the result of a process that, like healing, proceeds from the inside out.


Self-observation is enough to change a state of being, an attitude within oneself and to raise oneself to a higher standard of living.


Young people have a fairly clear concept of what it means to occupy a good place in life, but they have no idea what it means to occupy a bad place in themselves. If one finds oneself occupying a low rung in society, the causes are to be found within oneself and not in external conditions. One can only change one’s life by changing, by raising the dream from the bottom up.


Economics, which is based on quantity, on calculation, on mathematical programs or graphs, studies what is measurable but is unsuitable to be applied to quality. Living in a mathematical universe allows no discovery, no change and no transformation because all these are attributes of quality.


When schools of thought devoted to the teaching of quality fail, whole civilisations, economic empires, nations and peoples disappear from the face of the earth. Organizations and individuals must be aware that prosperity is not produced by the outside world but by the values and ideals that belong to the qualities of each individual.


Visibilia ex invisibilibus – from the invisible the visible.


All our thoughts, emotions, fantasies, memories and imaginations, but above all our dreams, are part of an intangible world parallel to what we have always considered to be our existence.


An organization is a living being and its most vital parts are not the products it puts on the market, but the philosophy behind it, the system of values and ideas that come from the invisibility of its people and in particular from the founder, his level of being and understanding. These are the qualities that determine its success and financial destiny.


Behind a man’s values there is always his dream.


People who do not dream are destined to fall under the weight of social conflicts and economic crises, ordinary people are instruments of nature, guided by the cosmic laws of quantity, which is why in times of serious financial crises many shareholders or entrepreneurs are overwhelmed because they have a limited view of the economy. In what could be a marvelous game of creativity and intuition, they become so hypnotized by it that instead of maintaining the role of players they become pawns, forced to follow the rules instead of making them, transforming themselves from ‘dreamers’ into ‘dreamed’ beings. They plan their financial strategies based on external factors, predictive market budgets and real-time reports, but it all serves only to hold up a house of cards.


A man who dreams, on the other hand, overturns this limited view of existence, a man who is whole, complete and fully aware, contains life and through the regaining of his own Will moves mountains in the world of events.


One day the destiny of every company and all enterprises will be the teaching of the Art of Dreaming, whose principles of self-improvement and inner integrity will raise the level of Being of their employees. The business world will realize that the only true financial development possible comes from an economy that produces quality and that a rapid decline in world prosperity will occur if this is lacking.