You are the seed of the Universe

Without giving attention to the seed,

the universe degrades and disappears


If you want to know your true nature, just remember yourself – have yourself present all the time, until the secret hidden in your own being will be revealed and spread out in all directions.

You are all that is great, beautiful and powerful and, at the same time, you are nothing, have nothing, can do nothing. Yet all comes out of you — the source is you, the root, the very cause of all is you.

This inner realization that everything comes from within and has to have your own consent to manifest, makes all the events and circumstances happen only for your advantage and growth. On the contrary, if you believe that your world is an entity living outside yourself, you, like billions of people, in eons of time, have to go through all troubles and difficulties, aging and disease, to one day understand that you are the very one who emanates this world you believe to be external.

So go back to yourself, look at yourself, search within, focus all your attention and dedicate all your efforts to raise the boundaries of your dream — dare to dive into the inaccessible – dare to touch the invisible and realize that reality will follow as a shadow to the object that casts it.

The Dream is a plan that happens in absence of time – in eternity, in a vertical time – in this very moment. By giving attention to the dream, to your living, feeling and thinking, you free yourself and go beyond – and your false persona with its addictions and obsessions, memories and habits, lies and contradictions will dissolve. Do not ask how it happens, it cannot be explained. What really matters is sincerity and earnestness. All you need is to be aware of your Being as an ever-present fact. If you persevere, there can be no failure in your Life.

Through Self-awareness all beauty and power flow.

As long as you are under the illusion that you know yourself nothing will change for you. You will go through the same troubles, the same unhappiness and the same tragedy, even if you go to the uttermost parts of the Earth. To change the outer conditions of Life you must change your inner Being. Once you get rid of all inner violence, conflict and misery — all crimes, revolutions and wars miraculously disappear from the Earth.

The way in is the way out!

The only true revolution is your change. You cannot change the world without changing yourself. And when you are able to do that you will realize that it is neither possible nor necessary to change others.

The slightest change in your being moves mountains in the world of events.