You are the cause of the World you live in


Why can’t we put order in our lives?

Chase the evil inside yourself – you”ll realize that you have been driven all your life by your negative imagination. Out there, there is no one who”ll do you harm – only you can do that. If the most heinous criminal could be aware of his own inner self- harmfulness he would become free. It is the awareness of what happens inside you that sets you free. If you become aware of the falsity you carry inside it will disappear.

Why can’t we put order in our lives? Because we are at the beck and call of shadows whose names we do not even know. The fear that preys on us hides within the folds of our darkest disguises, and we do nothing to unclothe ourselves and come into the light. Self-deception is the finest garment for those who thrive on chaos. Self-justification, blaming, fault-finding, accusing, jealousy, envy, and false pride are all faces of fear we so rarely admit to…the greatest danger is not the fear within us, but our ignorance of it and even our very negation of it.

Life is all right here – you need only capture a glimpse of it….feel it. Remember yourself and see that the greatest giants become but insignificant puppets before you. Anything menacing you in the world has had your consent to exist. It is you who creates the world and you who destroys it. If you are unaware of your own deadly schemes you will find only monsters outside yourself.

Today we began a new era. Every moment is a beginning. We no longer rely on conflict and strife to stretch the ladder of ascension before us, but go towards the higher levels of being within ourselves naturally like flies to honey. Life is sweeter. Even sending a letter is a moment of fusion. Intent begins to reveal itself and bind us together in a single Fabric.

When you enter into any situation with this integrity everything turns upside down. But you must remember to return inside yourself continuously. The world outside will obey and take form..

How many roads I have had to travel to arrive to this simplicity. Stay close to Me and remember yourself -and this simplicity will become yours. The dead ends, cul-de-sacs, detours, deviations, road-blocks, devastations, catastrophes and every vice of man belongs to you – it is all there inside you to be recognized, put in order and contained. To put things in order you need only see them – your integrity will take care of the rest.

Everything is within You, and everything IS You

Dive deep within to see and embrace the humanity that until now you have kept at arm”s length – the humanity that you have absently noted only to forget it there on the remote street corner where you found it. Contain all realities. Travel to the ends of the universe within yourself to embrace and understand all that you are not, and feel your thoughts slide over you like molten lava on the face of an unfortunate landscape without trying to change anything – just let them pass. Let it be . Let it be. Let it be… And in stillness and silence watch the unveiling of your Dream and the creation of a Magnificent New World