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President Elio D’Anna @gaidarforum Mosca

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“All we see and touch, all we perceive, the skyscrapers of finance, the pyramids of industry, the discoveries and achievements of science and technology, all we call “reality”, is nothing but the projection of an inner invisible world, a world of ideas and values that runs vertically to the plane of our existence: the world of Being.

The invisible dimension of ideas, the world of causes, runs perpendicularly to this history

Every conquest in the visible, every development in the capability of accomplishing and having, has always been anticipated by a conquest in Being — Scientific knowledge and technological progress proceed at the same rate with the knowledge that man has of himself and the level of inner responsibility.


From the invisible to the visible

A man, a civilisation, a country, have the ability to do and to own only what they have already achieved in their Being; events and circumstances in their history and all they meet, whether good or bad, has a perfect correspondence to their level of Being, to the breadth of their ideas, to the depth of their values.

In nature, as well as in Economics, every recovery proceeds from the inside to the outside, from the invisible to the visible, from Being to Having.


The wealth of a man, the success of an enterprise, the financial destiny of a nation, are no more than a reflection of their philosophy the materialization of the ways of thinking, the system of values and beliefs of that man, of that company, of that nation.

In the near future, every organization from the smallest to the largest multinational company will be ideological. This will determine its success, its longevity”.


Elio D’Anna

Founder and President

European School of Economics