A true School

You need schools and universities that teach that the ‘dream’ is the most real thing there is

To successfully transfer from father to son a complex machine, made of men, ideas and property, like a business, you need special preparation, you need schools and universities that teach that the ‘dream’ is the most real thing there is; that behind all that we see and touch, behind the skyscrapers of finance, the pyramids of industry, behind every achievement of civilisation, there is always the dream of a man, an individual, a brilliant visionary.

Individual revolution

Mass education, the universities/beehives cannot prepare them or welcome them. We need universities organised in small campuses, schools that put the individual and the realisation of his dream at the centre of all their activities and at the top of all their priorities. From elementary school to university, by now all the schools before, and the organisations after, have become factories of unhappy people, schools of fakirage that teach people to put up with the pain of being dependant  and the sufferance of doing that which you don’t love.

Do only what you love

A true school should remind young people of their uniqueness, of their originality and to never separate themselves from their dream/identity. “Do only what you love”.

In economics as in politics, we need to educate a new generation of business leaders, pragmatic dreamers capable of harmonising the apparent antagonisms that have always existed: economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial power and love.