To Be is to NOT Be

Q. “ Can I ever become You one day?”  

The School for Gods

Elio. “You are already Me right now. You are life with no birth and no death. Try to understand what ‘life with no birth’ means. ‘No birth’ means that all your past is an imaginary story that you create in this very instant. It means that the now-moment is the sole reality that, like chinese shadows, you project on the internal walls of a cocoon – a self created prison that you believe to be your reality. To get free of those shadows and create a crack in the cocoon itself, you need a School and a long, hard Work on yourself, so that you can finally transform your conflictual, dreary life into a wonderful, limitless, deathless reality.”

“You can only observe what you are not! Look inside yourself….you can only look at what you are not…..what you ‘are’ you can only ‘Be’!

In that moment there is no space, no time, no role…nothing to do …nowhere to go…THAT is the perception of the ‘seed’ of what You Are…for a fraction of a second you are nobody… and yet you possess all that which surrounds you.  It has nothing to do with thoughts, feelings or inner dialogues – in a fraction of a second you are suspended in an unusual higher emotional state. It is another plane of existence where these things do not come into play.

It is a matter of being….that’s all.

You always associate being with an affirmation of some attribute…to be mad or happy or free or worried… that is the very limitation that you impose to yourself.

We’ve learned to divide our perception into things : ‘ I’m thinking’ and ‘what’s happening outside’…when in reality there is no difference between the two.  Your reality is all one Thought. To realize that there is no difference in the voice telling you what you think and what you perceive is the beginning of the revolution of your entire existence.  Only then can you stop the description you so devoutly live by. Only then can you escape …..

Stay firm and enter into silence as often as you can. Honour yourself and know that you already are all that you could ever wish to be. Remember! “If you learn how to raise the vibrations of your body to a higher level, you will disappear from the sight of a harmful, threatening, mortal world. Then the battlefield is the Body.” Remember! “This body is indestructible. We ourselves allow this body to be destroyed. The very thoughts and feelings we impose upon the body are creators of ageing, disease, failure and death. Whatever happens in your body, happens to the world. The world is as you are, and you are this birthless, deathless Body.”                                                                               

It’s here, in this wonderful body, that everything happens. Be high and centered all day long.”

The inner space of a sinner is the same as that of a saint.  In silence, with eyes closed, you will meet your own emptiness – the not-doing that creates and moves everything in the universe.  Don’t be afraid of being ‘no one’. Only a nobody can be somebody. Entering into the world of nobodiness means becoming ‘real.’ A ‘nobody’ has touched the void within himself and  ‘knowing nothing’ knows everything .

Loving yourself inside means cancelling everything…every hope and expectation – even that of paradise… when you have become ‘no one’, everything happens.  Loving yourself inside elects you to the highest level of Being: Nobodiness. Being no one is the highest level of intelligence. No desire, no expectation, no birth, no death.  In the realm of Nobodiness you are the One who reveals and manifests the Great Game.