To be born you must inevitably die

To not die and live forever you have not to be born

To not be born you have to stop believing you were ever born and realize steadfastly that birth like death is only propaganda – pure superstition.

Remember!  Only he who has never been born can live forever.

The story of Jesus is such because it is invented and passed on by mortal men, but His real story, that witnessed by those who have stopped dying is a whole other thing. To believe in the birth, crucifixion, death and resurrection of a god-man named Jesus means empowering and perpetuating in oneself the illusion of passing time – the catastrophic mortal vision of Life.


All that belongs to time is false, and false is everything that time contains.  This can be understood only when the Now in you – Real Time takes command. It seems paradoxical, yet when you stop dying within, Real Life will overwhelm you and occupy every atom of your Being ; you will no longer be witness to suffering, persecution or dying.

Remember!  The world can become Heaven on Earth –it’s all up to you. –

“The world is such because you are such.”

Jesus on the cross is the symbol of man trapped in the wheel of time. The crucifix symbolizes man fixed and lost in his own self-created system of suffering and death. The teachings of Jesus belong to a special School which is earnestly trying to convey its message of healing and salvation to a humanity nailed to its own time-cross of ignorance and misery.