Time is a creature of Timelessness

In Timelessness I create  Time.


Circumstances, events, experiences, encounters, and all phenomenal realities are creatures of the absence of time. The dream is made of states and the world is made up of events. The events are states of being turned upside down by time. We see through a mirror.

Life is the mirror in which the lack of time is reflected and becomes visible.

The events, a mirror image of the states, were in the past. I closed my eyes and I could see the future. I opened my eyes and I could see the past. What is done, is done.

Learn to live in the absence of time, in timelessness.

Facts, events, happenings, purified by time, return to being, and regain their dreamy nature.

Timelessness means to become children … before time …shortage .. .limit …is taught to them. The states of the being in order to become the world first become thoughts, and thoughts become emotions, which are transformed into perceptions, feelings, and, through theem, our body becomes the world, such as the outermost layer of our skin

Reabsorption, the rewinding of the tape of time that reports events to the states that gave rise to them, is a “homecoming” … it follows the opposite path … through a work of awareness of our body .. awareness of our emotions and .. , even further back, the awareness of our thinking .. there is a return to being … the events are the materialization of the states, they are their physical, sensory, visible manifestation. To materialize states must travel through time … and time is pain, it is doubt, it is old age, sickness, ego, death.

Experience the absence of time. It’s another way to say “dream”! .. Become masters of time … Or you become masters of time or it will master you. The children of the time are devoured by it, as in the ancient myth of Cronus … Only a dreamer can become a master of time … because Timeless is its habitat … its dress, its psychological dress. A dreamer abides in timelessness…

Only now I understand that the world is the shadow of the “dream.” I had to live in the time everything that had already happened in the timelessness … that dream to become reality must travel through time … that in order to materialize and become substance should open breaches in the walls of the space-time, cross the oceans of fear, deserts of doubt .. it must lose brightness, becoming opaque, burdening … those words were a message that an intact being launched into space, tearing the veil of time to allow a disintegrated being to be re-member, to put together the scattered limbs and, for a few moments, savour immortality.

Man is a decayed being, a god fallen into a state of amnesia,
a god who has forgotten the power of creativity.
The devil is the most famous symbol of this decay.
Man is a self making god.

Think about what powers man has and how he could put them at the service of the world. Power of dreaming, power of thinking, power of feeling, seeing and touching, power of will, power of breathing, aspiring and healing. Man is a self fulfilling god, self knowing god, self enjoying god, self smiling god, self evolving god, self mastering god. . .

Creative powers that only a conscious being can possess. Being aware means to remember, get out of the amnesia and remember who we really are, infinite permanent, uborn and immortal beings.

Death, as time and the force of gravity, is a story that we made ours, forgetting that it is only a description.

Man is a self realizing god. Man is a self loving god, Man is a self responsible god. . . Man is death winning god. Man is earth transforming god. Man possesses within himself the source of all Truth, Good and Beauty.