Time does not Exist

It is the product of your imagination

If you are alive Now…

you will be alive forever. . .

We must train ourselves to go back to Now continuously.

In Now, there are all the solutions.

The world is a game of lights and shadows… When you are aware to be the Author, the Creator of the show – that you are the one who is projecting it, you cannot identify yourself with it. When you are aware of this, how can a film, a show, a theater attack you?… It can only happen if you identify… if you lock yourself in this self-created prison.


To not identify with reality is not a division from reality;
if you are the one who creates it, how can you be divided from it?
If you identify, if you are trapped by your identification, you cannot enjoy your own creation.
You are afraid to find out that you are the Creator.
External reality becomes more and more powerful together with the identification with limits…. with time.

Yesterday you went surfing, you had sex, you celebrated a birthday with friends, what is left out of it ? What is left of one minute ago…? Only the desire to repeat, to do it again… In order to enjoy you need to desire, to feel the absence… you need oppositions… and you loose the Now which comprehend all this, which has no polarities, which has no antagonisms…


I am not asking you to avoid any commitment, not to face any difficulty or not to deal with any problem… you can act in the world of events without ever loosing this state of freedom… freedom from fear and doubts where only victory exists…

… and success.