There is nothing outside of Now

Elio D'Anna la scuola degli dei

Excerpt from the book No war within, no war without


That morning I’d left behind me the imposing ruins of the temple that Rome erected to Zeus on mount Olympus as a challenge to the untenable beauty of the Parthenon,  indelible symbol of the pride and sense of superiority those people had for having defeated their victors.


Stories and images of that ancient confrontation between the two civilizations invaded my mind, of the visible victory of Rome and the invisible one of Greece, and the final defeat of both.  I felt deep within myself, like nausea, a perfume of decadence and death.  It lasted a few seconds.  Then even these impressions dissolved and the eminent meeting with the Dreamer took over my every thought again while I travelled down that  crowded downtown street.  I was early, but a sort of apprehension was just the same compelling me to quicken my pace towards the meeting place.  I recognized in my state the long lost anxiety of a student on the eve of a difficult exam.


All knowledge, methods and theories coming from outside may be necessary as starting points, but must be soon abandoned for a higher source of understanding.

It is time to disregard all teachings, ideologies, disciplines, books and ideas, your own and those of others, anything at all put into words and writings, and dive deeply within yourself to find your own truth, your own uniqueness, this alone will remove all your obstacles and leave you free from any hypnotism and in full mastery of all and everything….