There is no Revolution in Time


A New Heaven, a New Earth


This ‘revolution’ cannot happen in time, but in the complete absence of time,

in a vertical time.

There is no evolution in time.

In linear time humanity can only repeat itself and its history of conflicts and crime. Between a man from the prehistoric age and a modern man there is no difference.

Millions of years have passed if we want to believe in time, without anything ever changing. Only in the absence of time does the Antagonist disappear and with him every conflict.

Q. But how could you live without the Antagonist?

Elio. The Antagonist gives you a role, a job and even a name, a family, a purpose in life… You have made great efforts to climb the mountain of your apparent difficulties to overcome the Antagonist only to find out that he never really existed if not within you.  When his projected image vanishes you will not feel at a loss before a blank screen, but dive deeper within to embrace the new heaven and new earth you have only just discovered.