There is no Power ‘out there’

Questions and Answers


Q. As you know, throughout the world there are factories of armaments which are being produced and stored to cause damage or even destroy humanity, how can we counteract or protect ourselves from such a destructive power?

A. By taking yourself out from under the influence of every form of hypnotism, dependence, superstition or identification with the world. Do not lean on anybody’s knowledge, fantasy or prophecy. Know that there is no power ‘out there’ that can destroy you. ‘Out there’ nothing can happen without your consent, inner approval or intent. Be vigilant! Cast off all your ignorance and darkness. It is your vision that needs some adjustment and not humanity. If you integrate yourself, if you become a unity, then the world is safe. In the world of duality everything is perfectly balanced: a period of obscurity and destruction inevitably alternates with a period of creativity and constructiveness, but only as a mirror of your inner states. So don’ t worry about the world, worry only about yourself, this is the only way you can help. The world of events and circumstances is totally depending upon you. The conditions of the world correspond exactly to your inner states. Remember! Nobody and nothing can do anything if it is not commanded and directed by your own Dream. No war within, no war without , this is the Law.