The World is Such because You are Such

From the new Book No War Within, No War Without

I sat on the bench as far as possible from Him and waited. Even though He had not given the slightest hint of having noticed me, I knew that not one of my thoughts or breaths was escaping him.


«The world is such because you are such – He said in a grave tone without looking at me. – The whole world is a way of thinking. Its conditions, precariousness and any evil is exactly mirroring your inner division. Only you, living permanently in the Now can liberate the world from all opposites. Only you, abandoning your inner conflictuality, will free the world from all contradictions, from violence and from wars.».


«And the war in Iraq, and that in Afghanistan, terrorism, religious fanaticism, the Arab – Israeli conflict: even these things are counting on me to resolve them?», I asked.


«The wars you’re talking about are not objective, historic facts. What you believe to be real facts are just the outer expressions of an alchemical phenomenon which is happening, right Now, within you and nowhere else.


By believing that all this is happening outside yourself, you have been forced to find external solutions to the endless problems of the world. But all your efforts, all your strategies to change the world – from political reforms and revolutions to a religious, spiritual life of denial and solitude, from a life of sacrifice and discipline to the social fights for the recognition of human rights, revealed to be a failure. You have tried so many things, even being sincere and honest with yourself, but without being able to focus your attention on the real cause of all this confusion: your inner fragmentation and your fear of death.».