The wealth of a Nation

Success is always a revolution

The connection between individual wellbeing and prosperity of business and the economy of a country

The wealth of a nation, the power of its economy, the level of prosperity it can achieve, is equal to the quality of its system of values and above all its capacity to produce healthy emotional individuals, visionaries, pragmatic dreamers.

Success is always a revolution.

It can never come from following others, looking into someone else’s eyes to find certainty, security – from thinking and doing what anybody else thinks and does.  Success and harmony are the natural consequence of a creative victory coming from within.

Victory is Now and not in time. All that you are seeking, desiring, hoping, wishing, expecting, all that you need – strength, fame, power, success, possessions, solutions, healing, knowledge or understanding, all come from within – everything is inside yourself and nowhere else.

In this very moment you have the key for opening the Doors of Victory

A man of Integrity is not frightened nor concerned when worldly governments and economies crumble. He knows that the righteous will always prosper and the wicked are cut off under all circumstances.

The broader a man’s vision, the richer his economy.

This holds true for an organisation, a country and an entire civilization.