You cannot change the outer conditions without changing the inner ones

Financial power and success in the world depend exclusively

upon the condition of your inner life.


Be always vigilant and totally aware of your inner states,

because it is there that you can create and transform

the world you are living in.


It is commonly believed that external events condition our attitudes and determine our moods.

We meet someone or receive some news, and we believe that the psychological state we experience – irritation, anxiety or surprise – is a result or a consequence of that event, meeting or news. Something happens and we believe the psychological state we feel to be the result of that event.

So we justify our state of being by reference to that external event while in fact exactly the opposite has taken place. In reality, it is our states of being which announce and determine the external events of our lives. Our negative emotions in time turn into the adversity of which we then complain. To encounter a certain kind of event, be it good or bad, we first have to create the conditions within ourselves which will create such an event.


The universe is perfect the way it is. The only one who must change is you!