Why this book?

The’Technology of the Dreamer’

The Book is what led to the foundation of the European School of Economics, the only Business School where students are taught to be ´pragmatic Dreamers´; that is, educated to see that their life (and business) is a perfect reflection of their inner being, and that rather than changing things outside themselves, the key to success is to work on their own integrity.
The book introduces readers to revolutionary principles, such as
´Visibilia ex Invisibilibus´;
´The world is as you dream it´;
´You can possess only what you are responsible for.´
Until now, ´Technology of the Dreamer´ has been released in Turkey with the title ‘Dreamer ve Sen’ and in Greece and Romania.
Being a frequent traveler and international speaker, Elio D’Anna holds ´Integrity Seminars´, aimed at already active managers, as well as anyone interested in starting up an individual career, worldwide.
In those conferences, he investigates into the still unknown, ´invisible´, relation between ones business and ones individual integrity, or to be more specific: a company´s longevity and the integrity of its founder/leader.
Due to the fundamental message of the book and its previous success in the above mentioned countries, we aim to publish ´Technology of the Dreamer´ worldwide.