Questions and Answers

The non-teaching of the Dreamer

All comes from within

Ordinary people can never realize that all the confusion,

sufferings, crisis or misfortunes they find in the world

are coming from within…


Q. Why should one exchange one discomfort for another, still more frightened and more uncomfortable?

Elio. You can say that studying at the School for Gods can make you more awake, but you cannot say that you will be better off. The Non-teaching of the Dreamer will mercilessly enter into the innermost recesses of your being with the precision of a surgeon until your vision will be turned upside down and with it all that you have believed to be your life.

To stop identifying with the description is the aim of the Non-teaching. That’s why the School will become your worst enemy – the enemy of your wrong ideas and false knowledge that you have cultivated for so long. Only few among few can realize that their life has to change dramatically, and more than anything, their way of dreaming. And only few among those few, will succeed.