The Knowable and the Unknowable

… or Flight to the Inconceivable

When we were young and experimenting on the flexibility of our perception, and the boundaries of freedom, there were some who, using drugs, experienced what was called ‘a bad trip’… Some became deeply depressed, others entered into states of fear, irrationality, and even paranoia… Once there, there was nothing anyone could do to get them out.

The drug wore off, and they were OK.

A ‘bad trip’ is identification with the negative emotions inside yourself. We have ‘bad trips’ every day without even being aware of it. Hypnotized by our own description of the world and unable to break free of the boundaries we’ve drawn for ourselves, we remain trapped in a level that for us is everything. But reality is not objective, and when we are identified, whatever bad emotion or hell we are living inside appears before us and we are unable to be free of it. We are contained by our own description. The only way to dissolve this trap is to see it – to recognize the very chemical of this drug we inject into ourselves and of which are constantly victims.

The Israelites leaving Egypt in the Old Testament was a symbolic journey – a metaphor for the exodus from a state of being. In this instant, if we learn how to move ourselves in the moment, we make the same journey. This is verticality.

Only in verticality can there be a revolution.

In ordinary life you see the impotence – not of the characters themselves, but of the depth of what apparently occurs. There is before you only a projection screen on which these images appear and disappear with nothing behind it!

You don’t have to proclaim this to the world in order to be free. In fact, who has understood does so in silence without telling others. Just like who knows how to make money just make it, enriching all those around them

you remember and come back to yourselves continually, and as soon as you do,

ideas arrive…

and dreams….

this is Doing!