The Economics to come

An interview with Elio D’Anna,

Founder and President of the European School of Economics



Q. After the financial crisis, the frontiers and the players of the global economy have changed. The technological developments and the rise of social media have changed the way we reach information, people… We live in a world which is very different from 20 years ago.  In which way does the European School of Economics (ESE) respond to this new order?

A. “Until now all economic systems have dealt with survival, with peoples’ basic needs: food, shelter, clothing and reproduction. The economics of Neanderthals and the economics of a modern complex society are essentially the same. The new economics of the coming decades deals not anymore with survival or to keep people alive for a few decades, but with longevity and everlasting life. New technologies and resources aim at the indefinite extension of each human Life. This is the beginning of a twenty-first-century Economics of Immortality. All existing ideologies of left and right are outdated and obsolete. Powerful forces coming from the individual and not from the mass are steadily rewriting the fundamentals of Life. Every individual is called to create, through his dream, a new humanity, and redesign and project in the world of events a new economics and a brand new epoch.” – Elio D’Anna from ‘TheTechnology of the Dreamer’…

Q. You say that humanity is not facing an environmental, political or financial crisis, but a crisis of values. Would you explain this comment?

A.The financial crisis is only the disastrous effect of a loss in your inner being. What you personally are going through is not a financial crisis, but a crisis of values Any time you have difficulty making an important decision, you can be sure that it is the result of being unclear about your values. In a qualitative economy, the amount of efforts is insignificant in comparison with the quality of efforts.

Q. You say, reality and vision are the same thing. How and why?

A. “From my point of view, nothing is external. The separation between the outer world and the inner one, between perception and projection, between being and having is only apparent.

States and events, being and becoming, inner and outer are not separate realities, but one. The apparent outer reality is only a projection, a reflection of the inner one.   The healthier you are, the wealthier you become. Your vision determines your reality and not vice-versa – the healthier your vision, the richer your Life.