The Dreaming World

From the new book ‘No war within, no war without’


In the distance, a moving figure distinguished itself from the crowd, as if all at once that mass of people still separating us had become merely a fuzzy background. It was a young man that came towards me at a fast pace. He had long ashen hair, that fell softly on the collar of a slim leather jacket. His hand held a helmet swinging at his side in rhythm as he walked.

A sensation of unreality sent a shiver over me all of a sudden, as if I had been injected with a frozen liquid that suspended my breath. It was incredible, yet I could not have been mistaken. That man was He. Our glances crossed for a moment, but He gave no signs of recognizing me. Before He neared, I crossed the street and continued to follow Him with my eyes, while He fended off the crowd of passers-by on the opposite sidewalk until He disappeared from view. I convinced myself to be mistaken.

Even if I hadn’t seen him for a long time, I concluded that that man was too young to have been the Dreamer. I tried to put that episode out of my mind, but the sensation that I’d experienced continued to pulse inside me.

Arriving in the little piazza I saw a weathered block of white marble at its center. When I recognized its latern-like form I knew I was in the place the Dreamer had indicated. I couldn’t distinguish, however the park where I was to meet Him until was hidden away in the most obscure corner of the square, I discovered a microscopic oasis of green shaded by a few trees.

There, sitting on the bench, His arms extended along its back, His eyes pressed tightly closed I recognized the Dreamer.

I noticed right away His leather jacket and his helmet resting on his right, and felt and irrational unfounded shame.

It had been some years since I’d seen or had been able to catch up with him.

The School He had asked me to found had consumed all my time and energy. How many times had I prayed to be able to have Him once again by my side! In how many difficult situations – even desperate – I would have wanted to be able to count on His guiding force!

That improvised appointment finally brought Him back into my world, and, as often happened in the past, I was divided between the joy of seeing Him again and the anxiety of finding myself in front of that unforgiving mirror that would have seen all my forgetfulness and all my limits.

In the Dreaming World there are neither rules nor regulations but only creativity. Dreaming gives you access to hidden resources, which you never use ordinarily. When you are Dreaming, your creative facilities expand and unexplored possibilities open up to you.