The discovery is an inner discovery

A School of Being


Follow your inner voice and these worlds and their rationale became mere echoes.

The New World is something that you had dreamer first,

then saw outside, despite opposing forces.

All knowledge , methods and theories coming from the outside may be necessary as starting points, but must be abandoned for a higher source of understanding: Intuition.

It is time to disregard all teachings, ideologies, disciplines, books and ideas, and written words, and dive deeply within yourself to find your own truth and uniqueness; this alone will remove all your own obstacles and leave you free from any hypnotism and in full mastery of all and everything.

Only visionary leaders, men free from every ideology or superstition can ferry mankind from the psychological shore of the ordinary, weak, irascible and bigoted man, to that of the new man inspired by the principles of a School of Being.

Eternal projects, like individuals are rare. The mass cannot dream…only the individual can dream. A single cell able to break free from the repetition of ordinary life to follow his intuition and his dream.

These are the individuals the world needs today. Many universities and organizations will disappear, and very few will be entrusted with the vital task of preparing new leaders to be such visionaries, laic monks, perfect invulnerable warriors, capable of winning the challenges that face civilization.  

These schools of responsibility exist to show the scattered man the way back to simplicity, integrity and buried will by reviving in him a new sense: Intuition, and with it – a seventh sense – his ‘dream’ .

The Renaissance was the Age of rebirth.

Only through this inner awakening of man can he regain his independence and individuality, only through his own inner awakening can he be aware of his dream and truly pursue happiness. Today we live in an Age of Dependence where man thrives on the description of the world – he bases his system of values on his possessions, position and social status, no longer caring for the intuition and the dream that may have brought him there, and no longer seeking to raise himself to higher levels.