The Beingness of all Beings

Elio D'Anna la scuola degli dei


Excerpt from the new book

‘No war within, no war without’

The Beingness of all Beings

Let yourself back into fantasy.  Recall people, stories and experiences that were miserable, and laugh them off. You must build your dream-house within yourself before you can build it in the world. Don’ t let fantasizing become futurizing in which you destroy your dream by doubting, worrying and planning. Be a crazy little child. All children, including the one inside you, are a little crazy. Adults’ blaming children and Dreamers as crazy, silly or dumb, is their terrifying way of worshipping death.

Adults are children who do not dream anymore.

What adults condemn as crazy, silly or dumb in children and Dreamers is the attack upon their belief in death.

The beingness of all beings.

Through self-awareness you will realize one day that you’ re not that tiny little bundle of desires and fears, that bubble of misery and pain, that fleeting flash of consciousness lost in the ocean of darkness.  But the everlasting, omnipresent and omnipotent being, supremely happy – creator, sustainer and transformer of all there is – the source of all life – the dreamer and the dreamed – the beingness of all beings.

You are the Ultimate Reality, the Source and the Goal of all existence
You are responsible for the entire world, its liberation and happiness

Be free, just for the sake of it.

Be happy, just for the sake of it.

Be in love, just for the sake of it. 

And nothing will be impossible to you.

(from the new book No war without, no war within)