Success is… Now!


Success doesn’t come from planning but from the instant…


It is in the dream, in the absence of time that one can have success

Success is now! 

Wealth , happiness, is only ‘Now.’ 

Success is the absence of death and fear and can only happen in the moment.

In an hour or in one month, when you are immersed in time, you’ll find all the things you programmed in this instant.

The illusion of being able to plan, the obstinacy of believing to be born, of having a past is the fall of divinity, the loss of omnipotence. We are afraid of wealth and happiness, yet they are every man’s right.

The moment is empty – a field in which to plant that which you desire.  Plant the seed of well-being –  of beauty.  They will be your harvest.  But for a humanity that thinks and feels negatively it is easier to plant worrying and fear.  The world reflects and gives back weeds.  

Study memory.  If you observe it, you annul the power it has over you.

When you don’t make plans, when you don’t affirm memory anymore – you gain access to intuition, to dreaming.  Poetry is born.  Music and art bridge between consciousness and apparent reality.  You create words, expressions, new images. You discover that nothing exists outside of this moment. That you are alone.  It is this realization that permits you to build the universe – contain it, own it.

This is what a top leader needs today
This is the Technology of the Dreamer