A destructive attitude


Man has a destructive attitude, a ceaseless self-sabotaging and self-assevil in the desperate attempt to demonstrate that death really does exist and, like criminality, sickness, poverty and old age, there are forces too powerful for anything to oppose…

Whenever tragedy and disasters strike you will see in people’s faces a grimace of pain. It would seem it was the disaster itself to provoke their reaction and that they had a just cause for which to show their disdain. In reality, it is exactly that cry of pain, that ill feeling that every one of us carries inside to produce not only what we see as a tragedy, but all the mishaps of the planet.

It seems impossible, and yet there is no catastrophe, human or natural, that hasn’t happened first inside us to then unfold in the world of events. The absence of integrity of the individual – a lack of self-love is the real cause of the many disasters, calamities, wars and destruction. To justify our shortcomings and escape from our responsibilities as creators we’ve invented a new enemy to fight- even more ferocious and invisible than before: world terrorism. This unfortunately can never be overcome if we don’t recognize in us its real nature.

Terrorism, in fact, is nothing but a mirror reflection

of the fear and violence that we ourselves carry inside.


In order to eliminate war and terrorism from Earth you need to eliminate the very cause of their existence: your inner conflicts. You have to realise that you are gods in human form and therefore you can create health, peace, prosperity and happiness in the same way you created disasters, suffering and death.


When you are in the ‘Now ‘ state of being you have the power to unify and harmoniously change the course of history. Hunger will disappear from the planet if you stop believing to be in need of help. Health problems will all be solved if you stop harming yourself inside. Poverty will disappear from all peoples on earth if you ‘know’ how to dissolve your own inner misery.


All the shames of politics, religions and ideologies with their racism and persecutions will cease to touch the world if you stop believing to be a victim. Revolutions, wars, violence and crime will magically disappear when you will consciously return to your inner Integrity.