Seeing in the dark

In the School of Lupelius


Stay away from any medicine, drugs and doctors. True healing can never come from physicians or doctors or from any external agency. There has never been a doctor in any place on earth, at any period in history who ever healed anything or anybody.

Try to become a living demonstration that disease, aging and death are inexistent and totally unnecessary. Remember! Fearlessness is the only cure……. your impeccability, the only victory …… your inner integrity, the everlasting salvation ……. for you and the entire world.

Life through this world is a School for Gods…

Life, through the exercises of the world, is a School for Gods.

Confusion, doubts, caos, crisis, anger, dispair and pain are all exellent conditions for growth, you can reincarnate without going throug fisical death by changing the thoughts your phisical body is emboding and going on living in increasing health, youthfulnes and courage.

Your physical universe and your personal reality are created by your thoughts. 

Like attracts Like.

The greater our thought the greater our destiny

The more we learn to discipline ourselves to think, to feel, to speak and act positively and constructively, the more of pure energy do we create to fulfil our drams (aspirations) and manifest perfection.

The undeveloped sides of a man.

One of the most important disciplines of Lupelius was the art of camouflage. Through the art of acting a man had to learn how to wear the right mask or act the perfect role in any circumstances. A man had to be able to relate himself to all sides of life, and especially to those ones he mostly hated, then he had to go through a very hard selection before he could be accepted by and be part of Lupelius’ people. Lupelius’ tricks were used precisely to develop the parts that were missing in all his students to rebalance them, and only then could his warrior-ship towards completeness, towards perfection, begin.