All comes from Within

Sara Roversi ‘You Can Group’ owner and founder and ESE alumnai

It is time for the second education to appear in all schools and universities, and give new directions to the world about economics and financial power. The second education believes that all comes from within – all that you see and touch, right or wrong, good or evil, is just a projection of an invisible, powerful world, although neglected, that abides right inside you.

We have to bet and invest on visionaries, on dreamers, on people who love their work, and not on money makings schemes. People motivated by money are untrustful and limited. People guided by their dream, led by their inner intuition will be able to project at will a world of abundance and fortunes. They do what they love and not what makes money.


When you have learnt how to be in prosperity consciousness, money and good ideas, financial power and love will come to you naturally. Don’t expect to be rewarded by the money system. Nothing coming from “out there” can make you whole, happy or wealthy. Your real personal prosperity can only come from within.