The School of Lupelius

From the School for Gods

In Lupelius’ school, to maintain a high level of awareness and attention it was necessary to deliberately produce irritation, conflicts and exhaustion, so that the work on oneself could take on new meaning and produce tangible results.

By surprising and catching his disciples off guard, Lupelius was able to measure their level of alertness and skill.

To train or put to a test the commitment, maturity and technical mastery of his followers, Lupelius secretly invited impeccable warriors and ruthless mercenaries highly skilled in the arts of war.

They would present themselves masked as merchants, priests, minstrels and bards, poets and philosophers, comedians and court jesters, nomads, adventurers and sometimes even artfully disguised in the role of teachers and seekers of truth, beggars or tramps, thieves and gypsies, who at the right moment, would reveal themselves to be sly, powerful fighters prepared by Lupelius himself to raise their level of invulnerability and impeccability to enable them to realize their ultimate purpose – the goal of all goals : the Victory over Death.

1000 A.D.