Reality is the projection of an invisible World

To reach success must be guided by the invisible

This truth has always eluded the ordinary mankind’s comprehension, for Being exists in absence of time and Having takes place in space and time.

In fact Being and Having are only deceptively separated by the time factor that acts like a shock absorber or a smokescreen, obstructing such a powerful vision and an extraordinary comprehension to those men who are not ready for the depth of this idea.

All we see and touch, all we perceive, the skyscrapers of finance, the pyramids of industry, the discoveries and achievements of science and technology, all we call “reality”, is nothing but the projection of an invisible world on our senses, a world of ideas and values that runs vertically to the plane of our existence: the world of Being.

A man’s richness, welfare and standard of living, as well as a nation’s or an entire society’s, do not depend on the availability and abundance of means and material resources, but on their Being’s width.

The way we feel, think, act, our aspirations and the profundity of our ideas, what we believe in and our dreams are what determines our destiny.

This explains why countries that are wealthiest in natural resources are often the poorest, and why a man’s enrichment is not a sufficient condition to rescue him from his destiny, when it does not correspond to an enrichment in Being. It is therefore possible to recognise the existence of a homeostatic mechanism (loss of efficiency in the control system creates an unstable internal environment that increases the risk of ‘illness’) that inevitably brings the Having back to the level of Being.