Qualitative Economy

Qualitative Capitalism

A mere act of attention due to self-observation,
may change your inner state,
your position in yourself,
and get you into a better position in life.

You know a lot of being in the wrong or right place in life, but very little about being in the wrong or right place inside yourself. But remember for the umpteenth time, the internal  is the very cause, and so much more important than the external. You cannot expect to make the right decisions when you are in the wrong place internally, when your power (level) of attention is zero.

Quantitative Economy

When you are in a bad, narrow, evil place internally, the world that you yourself project becomes colder, denser thicker, heavier. A quantitative economy is based on calculation,  programs, and mathematics; and mathematics cannot deal with qualities, but only with quantities.  If you live in a merely quantitative universe, nothing is possible to you, no change, no transformation, because transformation is a question of quality.

Qualitative Economy

Life can be transformed only by changing your dream that is, by turning something lower into something higher. An ordinary man, a man-machine is a function of nature-machine, guided by nature and obedient to nature. A man of School starts to work in a different direction, in a reverse direction. 

A man of integrity, a fully understanding being contains life, and through his revealed will he can move mountains in the world of events. An ordinary man sees everything as opposites, a higher level of excellence sees all sides of a question simultaneously. In a qualitative economy, the amount of efforts is useless in comparison with the quality of efforts. 

Your position and role in life is determined by the quality of your own being.