Power of Will

Physical energy and Power of Doing

Let’ s try to measure our power of Will

and consequently our power of doing.

Have you ever tried to change the most insignificant mood in something meaningful?

anger for example in self-forgiving , or fear in fearlessness? Or doubt in certainty?

Have you tried once in your life to stop blaming the others for your failures

to stop complaining for anything that seams contrasting you,

or self-justifying your wrong decisions and choice etc.

If you want to change something in your Life you have to face the titanic task of abandoning your inner suffering and realise that you yourself are the only cause of all your troubles and difficulties.

To do that you have to isolate yourself internally and not let  outer events crush you : practice non-identifying and self-observation in all moments and circumstances.


Your role in Life, whatever it is, is perfectly mirroring your inner conditions and mercilessly revealing your own level of understanding. If you realise this, your inner responsibility and freedom will expand and, with them, your ‘power of doing‘.