Permanent Victory III

Victory is the natural state of man

Carry the principles in your heart, day and night. When you win the antagonist inside, you will no longer have to meet him outside. He will disappear from your world and everything will lead to your success. You will know only victory.

In stillness and in solitude, you can finally flush out the pain you carry inside. That pain which you neither detected nor circumscribed, broods in a rift in your being and is the real cause of all your failures. On the surface, you want to be successful, to be rich and happy. In reality, you do all you can to stop this from happening.

If you are here, it is to do incredible things, to go beyond, and to accomplish feats considered impossible. Do not waste time doing or copying what has already been done. Search for the thing that you truly love – that unique, original thing which is the sole reason for your existence.

Victory is the natural state of man

Q. How can I make my world beautiful – a paradise on earth?  I wouldn’t know where to start….

Elio. What we banally call ‘success’ and ‘victory’ are merely the side effects of the real Cause that lies in the invisible, in timelessness. They are the means to an end ‘ don’t seek  success outside but the absence of limits within.  If you don’t love yourself inside you will never be satisfied.

Enjoy yourselves creating the world you choose to live in.  Imagine the worst possible things  – the dark, the unpleasant… and give them the color you want… project them inside yourself, turn them upside down and…laugh.  Only then is the ‘time’ for that phone call.  The time to ‘answer’ is when you have first answered yourself inside.  Go back, enter into the principles of proactivity and then, answer.

News that you have created inside yourself…something you have manifested inside of yourself this is the world of doing…for who really wants to Do, transform and create the world in his own image.

There is nothing greater