Permanent Victory 

Be in a winning state, reality will follow.

Act in a winning manner when the evidence of defeat is all around you. Act as if you were in possession of victory just for a moment, and then the next moment and the next, and you will see reality miraculously transformed in a permanent victory before your very eyes.

The most difficult and painful moments are opportunities to penetrate new zones of power. When you feel that pain inside, don’t run away from it… stop!

Remain there, in stillness. If you cannot grasp these opportunities and live moments of suspension, you will exist in a continual state of identification; existence bends and degrades, and in time, without realizing it, you find yourself indulging and repeating the life of thousands of men and women before you.

The world is you.

The world lives everything that you live.

The Dreamer has brought you the most advanced technology for living a life without opposites… a life from which war and sickness have been eliminated. Impose freedom, integrity, and beauty upon yourself – this is the secret to unceasing happiness, to never-ending victory and success.

The way you are in this very instant is spreading out in all directions, creating simultaneously what you have been and what you will be.