The Others

Realise that you have all the power inside yourself

Only a few “greats” of history have arrived at feeling inside themselves this sensation of vastness, knowing that they could not depend on others, that they could not ask anything of anyone.  The had achieved the certainty that everything depended on themselves.  A person who has taken responsibility knows that he cannot stop…

Therefore sets himself to trying, to digging deeper within himself.  If you rely on external things, if you wait for others, searching for agreement in the eyes of others… if you rely on sex, on food, on sleep, you become small like a grain of sand.  No-one will entrust anything to you, you will be trampled on.  Rely on yourself!  Realise that you have all the power inside yourself.

Return to yourself

All the time that we are hoping, that we are believing in change, we are adoring death.  The others are ignorance, sickness.  The others are there only if I get further away from myself, only if I deteriorate.  Return to yourself.  This must be our discipline.  A man goes out, goes to the restaurant, to the cinema, to the disco, to be with others, to encounter others.. and each time returns defeated… always!… because he goes to encounter himself in time, in the past.

Happiness with another is impossible

The victory is to be one without alteration.  People get married.  Thinking this can make them happy.  In deferment of themselves – it’s not possible.   Happiness with another is impossible.  Only you, in absence of time… reabsorbed, returned to the source, can be happy.   Integrity doesn’t have plurality.  It cannot be integrated in two or three.  So it can’t be healthy or happy in two or three.  I lower my level of happiness the more others become numerous.

When others have too much significance in your life, sooner or later you will be trapped.  Liberate yourself from time.  Liberate yourself from the world, from the creation that gave birth to you.

The world, the personal universe, is always your own masterpiece. 

We are its artists, its creators, even when we have forgotten to be so.

Find strength in yourself.  The other is a division of yourself.  Now at your age, to be alone with yourself is a scourge.  A man who can feel good with himself communicates this well-being to others.  Others want to get near him.  Next to him they feel tranquillity, at peace with themselves. Next to a man separate from himself, they get a sense of fight, of competition.

You must train yourself, to feel good with yourself.