Do Not Desire, Deserve!

Be in the condition to have what you want

One day you will be so good at “seeing” …

that as soon as there is a hint of negativity in you …

you will circumscribe it.

Negativity is useful to place your foot on and go beyond. Like in the Game of Encounters – each person is a character representing a state of being. You see each person- you circumscribe them within, and you are launched into what the Dreamer calls ‘ portable paradise.’

Do not desire – deserve. Be in the condition to have what you want.

Time serves the absence of time and not vice versa.

Q. Why do ’dreams’ come true, and desire never?

Elio. Because desire is in time. Desire is a separation between yourself and whatever it is you are desiring. In order for you to continue realizing your dream of ‘desiring’ something – longing for something – you must never have it! Longing is distance…When we ‘desire’ we have put a distance between ourselves and the object or event we are desiring.

In dreaming there is no separation.

Dream always realize themselves – desire never.

What exists in time is governed by the absence of time.

You can realize only what you are dreaming. When you put desire between dream and reality…. you are in a state of separation. ‘Dream’ belongs to you, desire does not. Dream means absence of time – a state of oneness – oneness between dream and reality. In Now you are realizing simultaneously what you are dreaming.

Victory is a state of being.

To win you have to already be in a state of victory.

To ‘win it before it happens annuls time.

Fear and desire are separation.. In ancient times – the outside world was always a separate reality.

The film Apocalipse – the moment he is afraid – his people disappear. In the sacred scriptures, if a god even frowned it meant eons of suffering for his people.

The Dreamer didn’t come to deprive you of the right to die if you want to, but to (give you the ) choice of freedom and how to apply fearlessness and deathlessness as a live option in a world ineluctably programmed to die.

The Dreamer has come to interrupt your program of death.

The story of Jesus is told by a School to illustrate the life of one who interrupts the project of death.

In either the spiritual or material world – a ‘quest’ is always a lie. It means believing in something outside yourself. I’ve save you time. A jump towards the point of assembly – of inner unity – the center of gravity.   Truth is right under your nose.

Let’s work on this union between vision and reality. You can’t intervene on what you are – you can only be. The work is on what you are not – what you have believed to be for years – Play on this oneness as if with projections on a wall. Your vision is projected by time, and unguarded, tends to lower. ( If you would realize this trend – you would already be out of it!)

Some think this way of seeing things is a herald of solitude. ( But those who fear solitude have never really been alone….in paradise). We should spend our time in the world of events enjoying the refractions of light that filter through the clouds – our attitudes and atmospheres without believing in them.

It’s not like you win this or that – you must be in a state of victory – ALWAYS

You don’t decide to run this without an original state that comes from you….so thought always comes from the outside – intelligence comes from the inside – If you can contact it – you will project a healthier, more luminous existence.

When Jesus was tempted in the desert it was a call to separation. The Dreamer cannot separate himself from reality. What ‘is’, He has created in that moment exactly as it should be. Why would He need to …..

To be means doing. You think you have to do certain things because ti is the reality you believe in – you use your whole life chasing a life others have already lived to end up tired, worn out, and even crazy. Like a dog chasing its tail.

Be here and do nothing.

The world is an apparition – we think there is a reality that exists living before us…

Words can only express duality – duel – is fighting and separation.