The non teaching of the Dreamer

Why non-teaching of the Dreamer?


Q. How to describe the Dreamer?

Elio. Any attempt to give a form to or describe the Dreamer, trying to rationalize His behavior, to understand His psychology, to then include it among the philosophical currents of the past or describe it as eclectic shamanism, is useless and in vain …

A Visionary Being, a Man of Integrity, embodies within himself something subversive, unexpected, and impossible to grasp: something that violates the ordinary course of things.   He is free from any sort of role, description, influence or constraint, both within and without. He walks among ordinary people, He mingles with the crowd, carrying out His activities, completely sealed in His integrity, staying invisible to those who, having not yet abandoned their personal history, have not yet felt the need for a commitment to reach a higher level of understanding.

In this moment the Dreamer is here, in front of you, and yet you cannot see Him.

He appears and disappears at Will, taking on any role in the world of events that He is required to play and acting it out perfectly. Acting perfectly any role and character the events and circumstances demand.

Q. Why ‘non-teaching’?

Elio. The Dreamer uses the games of Life to raise your intelligence and aliveness. He uses religions, politics, T.V and movies, educational systems, communication and media and all kinds of business and trade.

The Dreamer uses all human and natural disasters and whatever you think coming from the world outside, for the purpose of awakening you. And to show you that you, yourself, are the source of all things.