The Most Intrepid Journey

ESE Master in Leadership, Istanbul

The world is your projection…

it is and does all that you are and do.

Like a shadow that follows the being perfectly.


The will to raise yourself towards the higher areas of the being, to undo the knots, must be fed every day… otherwise it becomes cold and you see the reality outside of yourselves become rigid, threatening, violent.


The inner journey is a very hard, dangerous task

“You climbed mountains, forded streams, crossed oceans and prayed in mosques, temples and churches, followed gurus and teachers, studied in schools and universities, created businesses and enterprises, and stumbled, stood up and walked again until you came to realise that all that which you believe you have experienced in Time is only a pale reflection of what is deeply hidden within you, something more real than reality itself: your timeless, omnipresent and omnipotent Now.”

The inner journey is a very hard, dangerous task. You find within yourself mountains, oceans, deserts, forests, precipices and abysses to overcome, wild beasts, horrible monsters and impossible battles to win just like the most arduous, adventurous expeditions on earth that only very few men have been able to face. Self-discovery is the very reason to begin such a journey, and Self-Mastery is the incredible, wonderful achievement to which every man on earth should aspire.


You are the only one responsible for all that happens

You are the only one responsible for all that happens…

for all living beings….

for all the good and bad in the world..

There is no one in the world outside of now and no world outside of yourself…

The moment creates in all directions – 360 degrees…

Vastness, eternity and the infinite are only in this instant.   Think what power -the birth of worlds, the creation of infinite generations of beings, disasters and apocalypses.  All is compressed in the little eternity of this instant, in the agony of the present moment that seems to disintegrate in the past, continuously eroded, yet infinite.