Money is an inner matter

From ‘The school for Gods’


The inner adventure I had embarked upon so many years ago had slowly transformed itself from triumph to tragedy without my ever realizing it. The battle to establish the School in Italy had been far more than I’d bargained for, and what had seemed to be an insurmountable problem – actually making good the auction bid, had turned out to be but a pebble in the foundation of a towering construction. It was not a matter of believing or not in the project, but of actually putting into practice all that the Dreamer had endeavored to reveal to me over those many years of apprenticeship.

The School had met with an enormous success, young people were tired of traditional classroom study, exam halls empty lectures and lecturers. But the State had not been ready for such a revolution…

As the School was being attacked I feared for my reputation, for my financial and social standing. The School the Dreamer had asked me to found etc. Somewhere along the line, I had lost touch with the Dreamer


The banks you see outside are only a pale reflection of the resources you have within you. Its vaults are inside you and can be opened on command.

Money is an inner matter.” He’ d once said. But that time was now far removed.

To make matters worse, He had given me the difficult task of speaking to our professors and students about expanding their vision through a revolutionary idea : The vision of Physical Immortality.

The Dreamer had spoken so much on the relation ship between having and being… that many schools teach “how to have” as if there were some kind of external system to arrive at “having”… which for the dreamer are a mere shadow. Schools think that by moving the outside world that you “have”… but having depends on being – Economy is the Art of Dreaming… Through years of trials I had still not understood..  Blaming the world for your condition will not make you feel better but only make things worse.

I chose one of my notebooks at random, and immersed myself for a long time in those pages densely filled with notes I’d gathered throughout my years of apprenticeship with the Dreamer.

He had charged me with the founding of the School.   Its programs were to provide a unique journey towards the revelation of inner unity and will, creating pragmatic dreamers, philosophers of action – the most strategic resource for a corporation, for a nation. This noble endeavour would produce a new breed of leaders who would be capable of harmonizing financial power and love, of approaching business as if they were serving a cause with skill, energy, morality, in one word: integrity.

But the first one who needed to be ‘created’ was myself.

The courses were to be designed according to the Dreamer’s indications for preparing visionary leaders, not to transfer a ready-made set of convictions and beliefs nor to give the students any bookish knowledge, imposed from the outside, but to foster higher ideals and teach them how to overcome their inner limits, cultivate independent thinking and a true passion for freedom and greatness. Although the Dreamer’s school echoed down the centuries from the ancient Schools of Being, belonging to a timeless lineage of teachings aimed toward the evolution and highest achievements of man, I was unsure as to how to present such a revolutionary and seemingly intangible idea.

Science, Art and Consciousness were the tools employed in its programs aimed towards amplifying and bringing to light the inner qualities, the ideals and values of a new breed of leader. I doubted I could de-rail the thinking of those men and women so conditioned by the antiquated Schools of thought of Classical Economics.   I imagined all of them together as if running plays on a football field defined by grids and tables full of statistics and logarithms, but nevertheless flat and without goals.

I leafed through some of the pamphlets strewn on my desk.

Evolution of man means the development of certain inner qualities. To do that we need a new education particularly addressed to the individual. Conventional education makes independent thinking extremely difficult,” they said. The task seemed as insurmountable as the financial obligations whose weight was now making itself felt. I winced slightly as my stomach tightened with fear.   The idea seemed far-fetched, but in light of my condition, and the importance of the project, I had dared to contact the Dreamer.

He almost never conceded visits. Once I had asked Him to meet a terminally ill friend and He accepted only in order to allow me to ‘see’ that man’s life, and understand how that man himself had been the artifice of his own illness. I doubted the Dreamer would come for such a seemingly banal request. Resigned, I began to prepare myself for the long day ahead

The Dreamer had spoken so many times about the relationship between having and being, “Money is a rubber band that you can stretch or compress at will. Money, like any other resource is produced by being and obeys the elasticity of the being. 

The trap is in believing that there is something that exists outside of yourself. All that you want to explain outside of yourself becomes insignificant, illusory and contradictory.

Money is only a by-product. You will find all the resources you need if you don’t let the outer world take over. Please go back to the Dream and win the battle, which is only with yourself. Let wealth-consciousness take place within you, and all the financial problems will instantly disappear. 

It is not the lack of money that determines your limits and constrictions. But viceversa, it is your inner limits and misery that determine your lack of resources and financial misfortune.

For a man of integrity, the new man, doing precedes thinking or planing, the solution precedes the problem, and victory precedes the battle, so that the latter disappears.