Meeting with the students

You have to be ready to donate

ESE Roma March 28, 2013


When you get up in the morning as I do every day, the first thing that you have to do is be ready to donate a gift a present to anybody you meet.

Anybody it could be your family, a friend and associate from your organization, your fiancé, whoever.

You have to be ready to donate.

If you are ready to give something to someone every day, you will see that your day will be different. An entrepreneur, a leader can only give and can never expect anything from anybody outside himself of herself.

You have to be ready to give, I have understood that the most important thing you can give is an idea. You have to bring this idea every day.

You must not touch the world, do not talk to anybody if you are not ready to give.

I founded this school because I wanted to let my students know that they must be aware of the fact that there is a world that no-one knows about. It is unknown something that no-one wants to touch, because they believe it is not important, it is not practical.

I discovered in many years before I created this school, I discovered that I was neglecting the world of ideas, where the real doing abides.

I tried to touch this world and I found worlds and obstacles, monsters and ghosts that were hinders for whatever I was looking and searching for. It was very discouraging trying to enter into this world. We created such a barrier and so many difficulties that whenever you wanted to approach this universe it became very painful and I want you to be aware of it,

I know that only a few of you will be-able to approach this world.

This is a world that is within us, it is not a spiritual world, it is not what the others call spiritual it is a very practical world.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, leader or a manager you have to be aware of it.