Man overboard, man overboard!…

but the ship goes fast

A (fragile) lifebuoy reaches you… the Dreamer’s last compassionate act.

The ocean waters seem to give you freshness, you still have the light and warmth of a source that ineluctably recedes.
You will say to yourself, ‘they will come back for me’… but the ship is going fast.

Clinging to that insignificant life you will say to yourself, “how much time do I have left?”

You realise that your whole life has been lived in precariousness, in that inert expectation, in the hope that someone will return to save you… but that attempt has already cost too many lives and… the ship is going fast!

The waters begin to discourage you… your body paralysed by the absence of willpower… your heart beats strongly, stronger than the crashing of the waves… the fear of always returning to rule… and from the depths of the ocean, a calm voice pronounces the last words of the Dreamer: “you have succeeded!”