love yourself inside

If you want to change your inner Hell into Paradise, you must know how to use the fire inside of you.

This fire is a necessary suffering, without which it would be impossible to create anything. You must be aware of what makes you suffer and, once recognized, learn to use it. The intentional suffering is the conscious acceptance of the suffering of all humanity, in all its forms, as your own.

When you learn to transform your inner pain in this precious substance, the whole world will be freed from all itssuffering and all its horrors. Always keep the evil inside you in mind and the world will live in harmony and justice. Love yourself ceaselessly. It’s not a person or an external event that menaces your life, but, rather, your recurring ignorance, your fears that reincarnate themselves. Don’t accuse the others, or the world itself, for your suffering. Look at yourself inside and make an effort to separate yourself from these countless daily deaths, from this useless, painful self-sabotage, that is the real cause of all evil. Innocence is the way out. Innocence means to stop dying within.


Each person creates his own world, without knowing it is not aware of it and he does not like the reality that he sees, even if it is the exact reflection of what he is. The world is as you dream it. You have to remove the ballast of negative emotions and thoughts in order to meet the most sublime part of yourself. Aim high, your state of Being must give way to certainty, Integrity, innocence, immortality. That’s where you will meet the Creator, the Dreamer, the Knowledge, the Will that creates and transforms.


The Will is power and it is already inside you. Be a researcher, become a hunter! In the morning, listen to your song of sorrow made of fears, doubts and guilt. Do not escape. This is your battlefield. Do not leave your home without winning, without having regained everyday a state of innocence, of purity. In the morning, do not go out if you do not feel the Master of your Life!