Jam Session with Kristin

A Life without Cents

The entire group listened with attention yet there was still some stone to overturn.  The students rustled papers and looked about, puzzled. The Dreamer paused a moment before finally speaking and addressing

“Your complacency is the greatest obstacle to your success.”  said the Dreamer, “You are just indulging in laziness and boredom  to avoid what you don’t want to see in yourself! Don’t be afraid of the darkness in yourself,  just watch it and it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Fear reduces you to dullness.  You get used to the Bible, to the Coran, to the Veda in the same way you get used to the dirty streets of your town, to the drugs and alcohol or to the politicians or to the Gods or to the infinite, beautiful sky.  

You are completely indifferent to everything – to the trees, to the beauty, to the mountains, to the rain, to the dirt, to the violence, to the family, to the society. Be aware of this indifference! Indifference is not detachment but full identification and lack of responsibility.  In indifference lie all your fears and limits.

You need fire!”  He said emphasizing the word ‘fire’. “ Without fire, you will never achieve anything. This fire is suffering, intentional suffering, without which it is impossible to create anything. So, instead of avoiding or suppressing or eliminating the emotions of suffering, you must intentionally endure the fire that arises from the experience of suffering .”  

“You must know what makes you suffer and how to make use of it. Only you know what makes you suffer, only you know how to make use of that fire which, from within, will cook, crystallize and……..

DO. Suffer from your fears! Suffer from your worries and doubts! Suffer of your shortcomings, of your pride, of your egoism! Suffer from your limits! When you realize that this patient enduring of suffering is a vehicle towards victory over death, then you may find the strength and the humility that enables you to suffer gladly – suffer without suffering. Out of this fire will arise freedom, strength, love, joy, integrity and awe, and transform your unnecessary suffering into the most remarkable power of Doing.”