Inner Responsibility and Creative Victory


All comes from within

Even money comes from inside. It is produced within.

Q. Yes, but How?

Elio. By eliminating the illusion of not having any. ‘Realizing’ that there is nothing outside of yourself for which you are not the cause. You can only have what you are responsible for.  Financial power, like love, obeys the same principle.  Your wealth corresponds exactly to the prosperity you are able to produce within yourself.  Inner responsibility and absence of fear eliminate all limits, and are therefore the very source of every fortune and riches.


Inner responsibility and absence of fear

are the very sources of every fortune and riches.


Money like love is an inner matter. Money is a state of Being. Money-affluence manifests in time what you have conquered through inner responsibility and creative victory, which is love. In the same way, any fault in your Being makes you weaker and poorer. Any crack in your dream shatters the foundations of your financial power.


Remember! Love means absence of death (a-mors)…..
and in absence of inner death you are an unlimited, omnipotent Being.