Inner Economy

The inner economy is the answer and the solution to all crisis


Economy like politics is an inner matter.

Any external revolution, be it social, political or economical, can only increase misery and suffering, and perpetuate without remedy, crisis, conflicts and violence.

Life can be transformed only by changing your dream – that is, by turning – something lower into something higher, something coarser into something finer. An ordinary man, a machine-man is a function of  nature, guided by nature and obedient to nature.

A man who observes himself starts to work in a different direction,
turning upside-down his own vision.

A man of integrity, a fully understanding being, contains life, and through his Will can move mountains in the world of events.

An ordinary man sees everything as opposites – a higher level of integrity sees all sides of a question simultaneously.

In an inner economy,
an economy of being,
the amount of efforts is useless
in comparison with the quality of those efforts.
Your position and role in life is determined by the quality of your own being.