Visionary Leadership is the Art of Dreaming


Economy like politics is an inner matter

Any external revolution, be it social, political or economical, can only increase misery and suffering, and perpetuate without remedy, crisis, conflicts and violence.

Inner economy is the answer and the solution to all crisis

To create a new future we must bet and invest on visionaries, on dreamers, on people who love their work.  Only those guided by their dream, led by their inner intuition will be able to project at will a world of abundance and fortunes.

We need to reinvent the economy, not merely restore it. The sustaining new economy is something coming from within, something governed by your inner being that will care for each man, for the natural world, and for the future.

If the world is really as you dream it – if the world is truly an extension of your inner being, as we believe it is, then you can be certain that there is an impeccable economy within man that, once revealed, will change and govern the world at will….. in harmony and prosperity.

“The slightest change in your being moves mountains in the world of events.”