Change your inner attitude

Not your Behavior

In passing from one state of Being to a higher one, even in the slightest degree, there is a gap, an interval where you are bound to suffer inner stress and doubts.

If you know at the moment how to keep a certain alertness and calm and not let yourself be overcome, you will be brought into a higher level of understanding, and overwhelmed by a world of light, certainty, justice and beauty. When you are fearful the whole world is overwhelmed by fear and violence. You have to change your inner attitude not your behavior, and this is a matter of Will.

“The external world happens as a reflection of the inner one”

Will governs your inner Being, which is the real world, and has nothing to do with the outer events: “The external world happens as a reflection of the inner one”. Return to your fearlessness and Integrity through the power of Will and everything on the earth will be perfect.

When tremendous vicissitudes and calamities come, don’t panic! Be still, and for few minutes stand perfectly quiet. Move all your attention from anything happening outside or desturbing you, and watch yourself. Watching yourself is the key to all solutions. Watching yourself moves from within all your misery and agony of despair. It lifts your being above the storm, the wreckage and disasters that life apparently seems to create. Watching yourself, silently turns you into a living dynamo of incredible power, capable of tranforming any trouble, disaster or challenge in a miraculous victory.

If you do not live beautiful moments in a conscious, intentional, creative solitude, life will force you to live  bad moments in a forced loneliness