Inner Architecture

Building inside…

In the abstraction of an idea there is form and all the architecture.

If you do not Dream you will never produce an objective form.

Objectivity is just subjectivity in action…

The form depends on formlessness…on the idea.

We have to contact the world of ideas.

The world of ideas is the world of Doing.

Abstraction is the return to the source of what you see and touch. Architecture is the external form of what does not have form, but is created in the world of ideas.

Architecture allows you to touch the invisible.

The canons of beauty, as the laws of proportion and perspective come not from the visible…but rather from the invisible, from within. Alberti’s perspective and Pythagora’s Golden rectangle exist in the visual world as a perfect fifth On examination then one finds all the rules and measures outside to give a rationality to the forms, but all is born from intuition, the irrational from Dream, from the world of Ideas.

Those who are considered great men – Jobs, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Picasso… sent tremors of revolution in the worlds they touched. They were dreamer and creators transforming the world of ideas, the world of causes, but briefly by the chance opening a door that was opened.   But this world of ideas was not possessed – none of them had the laws to live permanently in this world. And though their contributions to the world are eternal, their glimpse of intuition lasted but a moment.

Living in the Dream provides all the technology to permit this return to the origin… swimming upstream… this uncovering of the world of causes now dormant and covered by the fog of the world of events.

The Dreamer in us calls us to face a second education… the shrinking of the first education, not a continuation of it, and there we find all the architecture that is the base, and the principles of what we call an objective world… what we have learned to call the miraculous.

Architectural masterpieces are expressions of an intuition that can happen in the life of a man only once, or even never. The Dreamer in you shows the way to regain access to the world of intuition… it is the natural state of every man. First by eliminating all the psychological waste that puts itself between your Dream and Reality.

Visibilia ex invisibilibus…the visible comes from the invisible… is the way to tell the story of all the great architectural and artistic works ever made.

Abstract art is not a deviation from figurative art… but a return to the source.   The source of all forms of expression… of formlessness… of the Power of Doing.

Formlessness is the very nature of all forms…

Think what architecture would spring from a free man – without limits… a free man projects a free world, so a limitless architecture that expresses limitlessness…

A free man expresses his own inner economy…

It Is what humanity recognizes as objective art…

yet it is no more than integrity in action….

integrity that manifests…

integrity taking form.