Individual Revolution

An individual revolution is taking place


Some events, more than others, elevate themselves to become symbols of an era, emblematic indicators of the profound changes of our times.

An individual revolution is taking place. More and more men are becoming aware of the powerlessness, of their psychological incompleteness and the limitation of a conflicting vision of existence, made of opposites and antagonists.

More and more men want to escape the majority and perceive their life as their own personal adventure. These men know that to become an ‘individual’ they have to tackle a task that is revolted towards themselves in order to elevate their quality of thought and to enable them to integrate themselves in the essence of being. They are willing to undergo intense and prolonged hardships in order to leave their destiny of the ‘average’ man and to become the ‘balanced’ man. These men are aware that is the first step towards becoming ‘vertical’ man.

An individual revolution is taking place.

Long gone are the days of the majority.

It is now time for the individual.

An individual, an organization, a country can develop only if that individual, organization or country is concerned about raising the quality and values of its people. Every school or university, company or enterprise, has to become a school of being – a school of responsibility, only then will it be possible to face and overcome any challenges in life and expand. Remember, you can possess only what you are responsible for.