Individual Comes From Indivisible

meeting with the ESE students, Florence

The singularity of Being



Now we can individualize the first condition for dreaming: the singularity of Being, internal solidity, and indivisibility.

Because we must love ourselves in order to dream and only those that achieved this internal indivisibility can do it.

This is why only the individual dreams, only the individual can conceive and nourish a utopia. The mass has only nightmares. Just come through the collective fantasies concerning the future, starting from the

“Brave New World” by Huxley up to “1984” by Orwell, from “Utopia” by Tommaso Moro up to “Blade Runner”, humanity just enhances the apocalyptic concepts of his future, dystopias, rain dances that on the contrary invite disasters and calamities, as a self-fulfilling prophecy. The mass unconsciously actuates a powerful reverse propitiatory mechanism, a torment chant that rises without pause from billions of men.

A proposal able to heal the open wound once for all throughout humanity, between the individual and the mass, and the surmounting this individual revolution, which is the most irrational paradox. It begins with “love yourself”, love the highest and most noble part of yourself. Love yourself madly, love your Dream, believe in it with all your strength, pay the dues in advance, and you will be able to move mountains.

Individual comes from indivisible.

Identifies a man that achieved interior solidity, a high degree of reliability, incorruptibility, love; who has been able to converge what he feels, says and thinks in one direction. The common man that at this point we can call “dividual” instead is a legion, divided among one thousand “I” eternally fighting against each other, torn by conflicting thoughts and emotions, divided from himself and from others, without loyalty, without ideas, without love.

This is the concept of a mass society not composed by nonpareil but flattened out through the suppression of the hierarchy that naturally exists and puts men on different rungs of a ladder of responsibilities, Jacob’s ladder.

In the Jewish-Christian tradition the original sin is the separation from God, the first and most irreparable of all separations.

The individual seems to be without this original sin.

And the capability of loving seems to be the clearest watershed between men and the distinct boundary between these two portions of humanity: the individuals and the mass.

If we try to overturn the terms of this extraordinary internal equation: “love your neighbour as yourself “, it shows all its genius and unreachable knowledge of the human soul enclosed in it.

Love yourself is the measure and the limit of the capability of loving others, and is the most powerful formula that allows to harmonize the endless antagonism between the individual and the mass.

The individual can love the mass by loving himself and understanding that it is his neighbour.