An impeccable entrepreneur

Is not against the law but ahead of the law

An impeccable entrepreneur is not against the law

but ahead of the law.

What can appear out of the law is in time ‘the law itself’ not yet recognized.

A leader to be such has to break ranks. He sometimes has to take drastic measures and cause conflict within his own organization to transform its stagnant, deadly order and bring new Life.

A man of integrity knows that what the others, and sometimes the governments, judge as something hazardous and out of his mind is for him instead the right, natural way of doing and living.

His intuition and creativity mark and pave the path for himself and for others and guide him through the inaccessible zones of the unknown, where only few among few may dare.

As a leader, it is neither knowledge nor education, wealth nor social standing that can pave your way to success but rather your own Self-knowledge and Integrity — the results of an inner, creative victory that will make yourself and the entire world free from any external attack or failure.